Vancouver Oxford & Cambridge Society

Why Oxford or Cambridge?

Within Your Reach

For over a hundred and fifty years, Canadians have studied at Oxford and Cambridge, Britain’s preeminent universities. They have returned to Canada to play leading roles in our political, scientific, artistic, business and educational lives. As a student who excels, you can be a part of this great tradition.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you among the highest achieving students in your class?

Are you ready to start an undergraduate degree? Are you a graduate eager to go on to post-graduate studies?

Then Oxford and Cambridge may offer you the experience of a life time. They offer you an education that will shape your whole life.

Steeped in almost a thousand years of history and traditions, these two universities are world leaders in teaching and research. They rank along with Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the University of California, Berkley as the top six universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education. Though ancient in origin, these two universities are among the world’s most up-to-date and forward looking universities in facilities and in research. And they are home to some of the world’s most distinguished scholars.

What is Special about Oxford and Cambridge?

Three features distinguish Oxford and Cambridge from many other leading universities: the college system, tutorial learning, and their international breadth.

  • The College System. At the beginning of your Oxford or Cambridge studies, you will be accepted to a college. Your college will be your home and your community. You will study there, use the college library, eat in hall and live in college rooms. Your college will be your centre for music, drama, clubs and sports. It will be the source of your social and your intellectual life.
  • Tutorial Learning. As an undergraduate, your most profound learning will take place in weekly tutorials where you will meet either individually or in small groups with a leading faculty member. In most cases, you will prepare an essay which you will read to your tutor and discuss. Your tutorial will provide the opportunity to discuss your subject in detail and to argue and explore new ideas. As a graduate student, you will meet with your thesis supervisor several times a month. You will discuss essays you’ve written or sections of the thesis you are working on. Your supervisor will guide you through the process of meeting the requirements of your degree.
  • International Character. Oxford and Cambridge are world leaders in education. As a result, they attract the brightest and best students and faculty from around the world. Your contact with these people will give you international connections and a global perspective that will profoundly impact your personal life and career.