Vancouver Oxford & Cambridge Society

Occasional Bulletin #129, December 21, 2017

Best Wishes
for a Very Merry Christmas
and a
Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2018!
from VOCS


2017 Thanks

2017 was another year of some now oft-repeated VOCS events. It is time for thanks to all those who made it all possible.

Thanks to Alan Lund for taking over as VOCS President and for providing a meeting room as the new home for VOCS board meetings. Thanks also to Dania Sheldon for minutes of board meetings and careful professional editing of these OBs, and to all the members of the board who have faithfully attended its meetings and given VOCS so much wise guidance.

Huge thanks to the tireless Stuart Bowyer for being the Keeper of the List who also sent out you twelve OBs (about enough from we at VOCS at about one a month!). VOCS would not function at all as well without their generous expenditure of time and effort.

Thanks too to Simon Dorey for keeping our books and finding us solvent again this year. Big thanks also to Peter Moskos, the Master of the Feasts, for finding feast locations, arranging menus, and keeping feasting records.

Thanks as well to Rudy Buttignol, from Knowledge Network Corporation, for his insightful and topical Toast to the Universities at this year’s Boat Race Dinner. Also thanks for their amusing toasts at the BRD to Jeremy Pennington, who delivered the Toast to Oxford, and to Tamara Etmannski, who delivered the Toast to Cambridge. Also thanks to Mark Vessey for saying the BRD Grace and, of course, thanks to we at VOCS for giving the 87th loyal Toast to H.M. the Queen of Canada.

Wow, the list is long. Huge thanks to Alan and Louise Lund and Russell and Lillian Smith for putting together a great Kidnic cum Garden Party at Russell’s and Gillian’s wonderful house and garden. It was a rainy morning turned brilliant by party time, and a good time was had by all. (Currently, the VOCS team is seeking out a location for the 2018 Kidnic. Any thoughts on that?)

Thanks too to Simon Dorey and Jeremy Marr for organizing the Warren Dunn Croquet Match and making that work so well. Thanks to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and its staff, which made the BRD another stunning success. Thanks also to Bard on the Beach and its Executive Director, Claire Sakaki, who welcomed us so warmly into the VIP tent for the eighth annual Bardnic, as well as all those Bardnickers who provided the potluck fare. Bardnic 2018 should be huge fun, as it will feature As You Like It set to the music of the Beatles, which promises to be a season sell-out for Bard.

Also, thanks to all the members of the board—Alan Lund, Tony Knox, Mark Vessey, Dania Sheldon, Simon Dorey, Christina Sampogna, Peter Moskos, Meghan Hardman, Rachel Dekker, Trevor Bruce, and Jeremy Pennington—for sharing the duties that make VOCS work. Without them, we at VOCS would doubtless have run for cover by now. Special thanks too to Rachel, Meghan, Trevor, and Jeremy at Oxbridge Drinks, who have operated for a third year—a happy place for recent graduates to meet, have a drink and appies, and generally make friends with each other. With 36 new young alumni joining VOCS in the last 18 months, getting Oxbridge Drinks up and running was prescient!

Endless thanks to Louise Lund and Margie Knox for putting up with and supporting VOCSism in so many ways. Finally, thanks to all the members and their family and friends who came out to functions or just said OBs are appreciated, and all those good forgiving souls here forgotten.

VOCS is entering a year of planning and renewal in the New Year of 2018. Several members have responded to the call in OB #128 to offer volunteer assistance in making VOCS a success going forward. Long-standing director Mark Vessey retired from the board at the AGM held during the BRD, and our Treasurer and long-standing director Simon Dorey will retire from the board at the AGM held in the 2018 BRD on May 5th. Mark had been involved in VOCS affairs for over 20 years and Simon for the last eight years, and they have been very valuable parts of VOCS’s clockwork. There are probably many events and services that VOCS could provide but does not for want of members to assist in thinking them up and helping getting them done. If you have a good idea for a VOCS opportunity, do be in touch.

So, as the 90th birthday of VOCS approaches in 2019, we at VOCS invite any member with ideas for an even better VOCS to tell Alan Lund all about them at moc.l1537463050iamg@1537463050nala.1537463050dnul1537463050. Then we can talk about it over coffee or a pint.

Warmest Best Wishes for Happiness, Good Health, and Prosperity n MMXV III.