Vancouver Oxford & Cambridge Society

Mediterranean Feast at Nuba

March 1, 2018 @ 6:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Nuba Resturant
3116 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 2H3
30.00 pp
Peter Moskos
Mediterranean Feast at Nuba @ Nuba Resturant | Vancouver | British Columbia | Canada

By the beginning of March, we at VOCS are counting on some material number of members and guests being ready for the scents and flavours of the Levant.

The Feast will be held in the Taverna on the second floor of the Kits Nuba, which seats 30 comfortably. Food will be served “family style,” with sharing dishes brought to the table, including both hot and cold dishes, most of which will be vegetarian — good news for anyone still living by the obvious New Year’s resolution — but with a carnivore option as well!

The cost per person will be $30 plus a tip of 18% and taxes. Wine, coffee, and dessert are extra. We are getting a 10% group discount. Wine will be available by the bottle or you can bring your own, but there is a corkage charge of $18 per bottle.

Our Feasts are a great opportunity for new members to meet other members for the first time, so if you are a recent arrival, do please consider joining us at the Feast.

The menu will be:

First Course:               Second Course:                      Third Course:

Hummus                      Najib’s Special Cauliflower     Chicken Kebab

Taboullah                    Mjada Lentils                          Lamb Kafta

Fattoush Salad            Aubergine Stew                       Grilled Prawns

Pickled Cabbage                                                         Halloumi Cheese

Mixed Olives                                                               Vegetable Kebab

Macedonian Feta

Pita Bread



Please contact Peter Moskos at moc.l1537461344iamg@1537461344sokso1537461344mp1537461344 by February 25th if you are coming.